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We are revolutionizing marketing.

Digital Marketing has dramatically changed the go to market strategy for many organizations. Digital marketing can be highly targeted, provide detailed tracking and can be highly cost effective. Zymat International Ltd. offer a wide range of digital marketing services from SEO, Google Ad Words, eDMs, Social Media and Display advertising

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Get to understand your customers, launch targeted advertising campaigns, and generate traffic and leads – that’s not nearly all you can accomplish with social media marketing. Your customers are there, you just need to know how to reach them. At Zymat, we will come up with the right SMM strategy for your specific business and audience.

How our SMM experts can help boost your business

– Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Social media presence lets new customers find your brand and start recognizing it. Moreover, zymat social media marketing services let you stay in touch with existing customers: studies show brands that actively engage with consumers on social media enjoy higher loyalty.

– Generate Leads

Advertising in social networks lets you reach even those who haven’t searched for products like yours yet. Plus, with Facebook and Twitter advertising, costs per lead are normally lower, while demographic data is more accurate.

– Manage your brand’s online reputation

According to a survey, 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on positive reviews. People talk about your brand on social media, forums, review websites, and you want to be sure the reputation they create is positive.

How Zymat Team intends to achieve this.

– Develop and implement a custom social media strategy

After analyzing your products and audience, we identify which social media will be the most effective and which tactics will work best for your specific business. In other words, we identify where your leads are and how to engage them.

– Run social advertising campaigns

Our digital advertising agency sets up Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter advertising campaigns to promote your products and special offers. As we go, At Zymat we shall track the performance of your campaigns and optimize everything from targeting to ad copy and design.

– Track & optimize

Every SMM activity we do is tracked and optimized to ensure you get the highest ROI on it. We identify which post types get more shares, which CTAs have a higher click-through rate, and apply that knowledge to improve the results.