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Responsive Web Designing / App Development services

In times when 80% Internet users own a smartphone, most prefer to access the web via mobile. An average web user spends 2.8 hours on a mobile device daily. A responsive website is a must if you want to build your reach and better engage with your clients. That’s why Zymat International has partnered with The App Solutions to let you increase your website’s conversion and achieve your marketing goals faster.

What custom mobile application development can do for you

– Increase conversion on mobile

A mobile-compatible web page has a 11% higher conversion rate. Shortening your page’s loading time by 1 second on mobile will increase the conversion rate by 7% or more. With Zymat, you’ll boost your conversion to the max.

– Build high-converting websites and landing pages

Your website/landing page serves as a powerful conversion tool. Achieve your marketing goals by utilizing the best practices of high-converting websites, using conversion-boosting design elements, and adjusting the interface to your buyer person

– Help achieve your marketing goals with a mobile app

33% customers prefer a mobile app to a mobile site. A mobile application will increase your brand awareness. Moreover, Push notifications help recover up to 70% abandoned shopping carts, which increases the number of purchases.

What we do to achieve that

– Conduct a UI/UX audit, optimize your website for conversions

We have UI/UX experts who analyze your website’s performance and come up with recommendations on its improvement, tailored to your business goals. After that, we optimize your website for better visitor-to-customer conversion.

– Optimize your website for mobile conversions

We’ll provide you with a full package of services while tending to your needs. Zymat team experts will build your product from the ground up: we analyze, prototype, design, and develop your app or web page.

– Develop cross-platform or native mobile apps

Zymat International Ltd has experienced iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile developers. During the mobile application development process, we incorporate proven up-to-date methodologies and tools. We consider the specifics of each audience for every operating system.