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Health care services

Zymat understands Companies, governments, other institutions and individuals are shifting their perception of health from something to fix to something that should be developed, maintained and continually improved. We combine resources to foster well-being in the near-term. Increasingly, Zymat takes the long-view of client’s role in human sustainability and the environment in which various organizations operate.

Our health specialists and colleagues across disciplines stay at the forefront of medical, scientific, business, policy and societal issues, and they provide insights and knowledge about peoples’ hopes and concerns in every part of East Africa. We collaborate nimbly, forging teams across regions and areas of expertise, from inside and outside the firm. And Zymat research team keeps us at the forefront, even ahead, of critical trends.

At Zymat we understand that public engagement is central to health, and in a proliferating media landscape, we help our clients use multiple channels both broad and specialized to engage their publics, tell their stories and create and share new ones. We act as a strategic and creative partner, investigating issues, building relationships and encouraging the open exchange of ideas. We constantly seek to expand our knowledge, and never assume we have all the answers.

Zymat partners with clients to transform health. Together, we change attitudes and behaviors and turn knowledge into action. We have the initiative to start new conversations, insight to understand an increasingly interconnected world, inspiration to pursue courageous ideas and the independence to take the lead in uncharted territory.