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Non_profit Organizations

We believe globalization, radical transparency and the prevalence of social media have forever changed the way stakeholders view and interact with organizations. In an era of unprecedented social engagement, strategic nonprofit marketing, communications and activation have never been more important.

What’s more, growing demand for corporations and brands to engage authentically with social and environmental issues has raised the standards for CSR and citizenship, providing a growing number of ways that NGOs can partner with companies.

Zymat team through research has proven that it’s no longer enough for a non-profit to stand for a social issue and participate in traditional fundraising and development activities. To attract, retain and build favored status with individual and corporate donors and stakeholders, organizations until we;

  • Clearly understand, define and manifest their core purpose.
  • Connect their efforts to timely movements and causes that inspire passion.
  • Identify, build and drive relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Deliberately engage in sophisticated brand building activities.