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Brief Introduction

Zymat International Ltd is a fully registered firm that specializes in extensive Consultancy in Information Technology and PR advertising, by creating IT solutions through product creation or recreation, viral campaigns and commercials in order to improve product sale and increase, not only the digital reach but change lives. Our Products include; creating Apps, creating functional programs and software to help organizations, Networking, website Development and others in order to enrich lives.

We advise enterprises, institutions, and individuals on building recognition and enhancing reputation. The Idea of helping companies, organization’s, government entities and communities at large to grow through our constant changing technological innovations using our IT solutions and creating campaigns to keep the product relevant is the main reason for the establishment of Zymat International Ltd since 2015, with ultimate purpose of creating a future with a purpose.

Our Services Include;

Information Technology Solutions

Zymat’s extensive consultancy services in information technology helps us to build industries and organizations by simplifying the growing technology and its complexities, by making it user friendly and cost effective in order to build a better society through the organizations we serve especially the community at large.

Some of these sectors or industries include; (consumer and industrial products, life science and health care, public sector, energy and resources, technology, media and telecommunication, manufacturing, real estate and construction etc.) in which we provide services on cyber risk, consultation on human capital, strategy and operations, private company services, middle market services, technology etc.