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Brand identity design

Exceptional brand identities are formed out of a passionate focus on subtlety and detail. We have carefully crafted brand identities for many leading Global brands, in a diverse range of sectors.

Brand guidelines

A brand vision must be understood and implemented with care and brand guidelines need to inspire and inform all parties. We often take on the role of Brand Guardian to ensure our vision is correctly interpreted and articulated across all platforms and territories.

At Zymat International Ltd this is what defines us, as expert’s, appreciation for artful graphic design to create powerful brand communications which resonate with their audience.

Our concepts are translated through printed literature, digital communications and branded environments.

  1. Brand communication & visual language

The most effective brands are characterful and distinctive, with a memorable story.

We combine our skills in graphic design, copywriting, photography and filmmaking to create brand personalities that shine through in even the smallest and simplest of details.

(i) Print collateral design

We create a diverse range of printed collateral, from visually rich brochures to complex product manuals.

Often we draw on our photographic capability and resources to create imagery and manage these assets after launch.

(ii) Packaging design

We combine our creative skill and functional knowledge to create bespoke packaging that is often as covetable as the product it protects.

(iii) Window campaigns

Store windows present brands with the perfect platform to attract, disrupt and engage.

We create imaginative and iconic campaigns that draw in the crowds, and translate into meaningful experiences in-store.

(iv) Uniform & livery design

We consider each and every touch point to ensure the brand story is complete. We pay close attention to those elements which influence staff, as they have the potential to elevate their role and boost morale.

(v) Communication hierarchies

We create detailed communication hierarchies to ensure the right amount of information is shared in the right place, at just the right moment in time.

(vi) Signage & way finding

We understand the complexities and subtleties of effective signage and way finding. Every step of the customer journey is carefully considered to ensure it is easy and intuitive to understand.

The physical environment is the place where every dimension of the brand can be experienced in its purest form. At Zymat we consider that seriously for our clients because it adds value to the expansion of their businesses

Engagement and brand storytelling are at the heart of our approach reason being, it stretches beyond the communication to evoke a deep emotional and intuitive understanding of the brand. We begin each project by considering the customer journey and experience, taking a holistic view of all physical and digital touch points.

  1. Retail Environment

Most of the retail businesses from fashion to food and everything in between need an exeptional touch to give it a boost for the businesses not just to grow but to thrive thats why ZIL is the right place to improve this section of brand.

(i) Workplace Environment

A carefully crafted work_space can create an emotional connection with employees, and instill a powerful sense of belonging.

We create environments that carefully balance the complex practical and emotional needs of those who work in the space, with the ambitions and values of the brand.

(ii) Retail Strategy and consultancy

Here we engage clients and developers in a consultative role, challenging them to push the boundaries of their retail vision.

(iv) Events and Exhibitions
(v) Restaurant bar and Leisure
(vi) Visual Merchandising
(Vii) Fixture Design

Digital content, film and interactive experiences form an integral part of our design work, creating engaging and relevant customer experiences.